Cement Bags – Only Valve Type

This bag with Valve is use to fill content easily and closed automatically . The bag is Un laminated & due to un lamination it is good of breathability. This type of Bag is mainly use in the Cement Industries. We are supply this kind of bag as per customer’s specification.

Block Bottom Valve Cement Bag

PP Woven Block Bottom Valve Bags is the ultimate solution of leak free packaging.. These bags are Laminated & specially designed with micro holes that help in exhausting the air to increase the efficiency of the filling station & close automatically. This type of bag is very popular in the cement industries for their advance look and stack ability in the ware house.

Block Bottom Fertilizer Bags

Block Bottom Fertilizer Bags are used for Fertilizer filling as Chemical and Alkali Resistant Ingredients are used for producing these bags. Laminated Or Unlamented Bags with liners are also available.

Block Bottom Valve Polymer Bags

We are popular among our customer for manufacturing quality Block Bottom Valve Polymer Bags. These bags are manufactured By using high-grade raw materials. These bags are Perforated Bag to ensure Good Breathing ability.

BOPP Block Bottom Valve Bag ( 20 Kgs to 50 Kgs )

We are exporting Bopp Laminated Block Bottom Valve bag. This bag is made of coated of BOPP film. The bag can be produced either as valve or open mouth block bottom . This bag is completely different from the other bag due to it special feature of stitch less. .Due to print on BOPP Film , it’s appearance of print is very good , This bag is well recognize for their Performance & water resistance of any climatic conditions. After filling of content , it just take shape as a Box Type which help for the proper stack in the warehouse. This bag is used for Cement, Granules, Gypsum & Wall Putti.