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Bubna Polysack Industries. Exports PP / HDPE Woven Fabric Roll, Bag, Sack, Block Bottom Valve Bag and Tarpaulin. Our Office is located in Surat, Gujarat India. We are the pioneers since 1985.

We have a vast network of clients all around the world. Our PP bags / HDPE woven products are suitable for all kind of packaging requirements. We aim to provide our customers with complete packaging solutions in accordance to their requirements and specifications.

Our Products

Worldwide Exporter

Bubna Polysack Industries was founded in 1985 in Surat, Gujarat, India by Mr.Shyam Sunder Bubna (Founder and M.D). He deeply realized that the only way to improve product value and promote industrial upgrading is by working through more advanced products and provide better quality assurance.

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Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to sustain a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers.

Our Eco-Friendly Products

Bubna Polysack Industries is the leading exporter and supplier of environmental friendly PP – Polypropylene bags & HDPE woven products worldwide.

Quality of Products

Quality is the center of all our actions and special attention is paid on each and every point of developing process.

Printing Facility

Our expertise lies in Multicolored Printed BOPP Laminated PP Woven Sacks/Bags.

Our Pro Services Are Fast & Reliable