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How Many Types of Woven Fabric are There?

Polypropylene fabrics are thermoplastic polymer, having applications in various Industries like food packaging, textiles, cement Industry etc. Such PP/HDPE Fabrics are of various types and are exported by Bubna Polysack Industries worldwide. Allow this article to help you widen your knowledge in Woven Fabrics.

PP Woven Fabrics

This kind of woven fabrics are used in industrial segments […]

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Benefits of PP Bag (Polypropylene Bag)

Polypropylene bags were introduced into India in last-sixties and there are very large number of PP bag manufacturing units in India. Polypropylene Bags are more accurately referred to as PP Bags or PP Woven Bags. PP bags are prepared using various PP Woven fabrics or PP Woven Sheets with variety of qualities, patterns, prints, colors, […]

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