Single Loop Bags

PP Woven Bags With Double Loops Are Easy For Lifting, Filling And Discharge Applications. Available In Various Convenient Sizesto Fit Into Any Type Of Carriages.

Two Loop Bag

Two Loop Bag

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) commonly known as BIG BAGS are the most popular form of bulk goods packaging in the market. BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS) are used for the transport and storage of all types of loose or granulated materials. BIG BAG (FIBC BAG) flexible containers are available in a wide variety of types and sorts and therefore are suitable for numerous applications in the chemical, food, mining and fodder industries – to name just a few.

Daman Polyfabs competitive advantage is primarily the effect of the high quality of its products and flexible approach to the customer. Adequate technical facilities, teams of highly qualified production engineers, our own laboratory and good source of raw material resources allow us to adjust our production to the market demands and every customer’s individual requirements.

  • guaranteed convenient and fast loading and unloading of large volumes of goods by means of mechanized equipment
  • safe transport of goods, both food products (protection against any foreign substance ingress into the bag) and chemical substances (protection against sifting of any dangerous chemical out of the bag)
  • fast and efficient distribution
  • economic benefits due to saving transport costs and storage space (BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS) can be stacked in several layers)
  • BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS) are reusable (SF 6:1 safety factor)
  • fully recyclable


Four Loops Bags

Majority Of Jumbo Bags Are Coming With Four Loops Option. This Type Is Very Convenient For Lifting, Transportation & Easy Discharge .


Builder Bags

Builderbags Are Common In The Market All Around.This Is An Open Mouth Bags With Flatbottomand With Four Loops Design And Very Ideal For Lifting, Filling And Transportation. 90 X90 X 90, 90 X 90 X 110 Are Two Very Common Sizes Available In The Market.


Customised Bags

Non-Standard Bags Can Be Produced According To Specific Customer Specifications And For Special Applications. A Variety Of Designs, Sizes, Gsm Are Available. Re-Inforcement Can Be Done For Additional Saftey Requirements.